The Road To Your Refund

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What is PPI?

Watch the Video below to understand what PPI is and how this was mis-sold to people like YOU

What Is PPI?

Was I Mis-Sold PPI?

PPI is designed to protect consumers in the event that they are unable to work due to illness, injury or redundancy ensuring that their loan repayments are kept up to date. However, many lenders have been hit with criticism and fines totalling millions of pounds for the mis-selling of these policies.
When the banks and building societies were selling it to their customers, they were not following the guidelines set up by the City watchdog. Thousands of people who didn’t want it, need it, or even know they had it ended up paying for an insurance policy which was unsuitable for them.

The Central Claims Group Ltd  
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You could have been mis-sold PPI whithout you even being aware! 
  • You were told that PPI was compulsory
  • You were not made aware that you could shop around for PPI
  • You did not ask for PPI but it was still added
  • The exclusions of your policy were not pointed out to you
  • You feel that your were misinformed about the terms of your PPI
  • You already had alternative income protection cover
  • You had a medical problem or illness when you took out the cover                    that could have prevented you from working
  • You were unemployed, self-employed or retired when you were sold PPI

We can claim for you even if you no longer have the paperwork relating to the policy. Like so many people you might not even know you have the cover as most people are sold the loan and PPI as a package.
We work on a NO - WIN - NO - FEE basis, which means there is no upfront cost for yourself and if your claim is unsuccessful you won't be charged a single penny. 

We will perform an analysis of your circumstances and the way your policy was initially sold to you. If we believe you have a strong case for PPI mis-selling, we will present the claim to the bank with as much evidence of the mis-selling as possible. If the bank then reject the claim and we believe you’re in the right – we will continue to fight to gain you the compensation you deserve all, the way to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Your PPI claim with The Central Claims Group will include:
  • The full cost of the payment protection insurance policy being refunded
  • Any interest payments made on policy
  • 8% Interest compensation
  • Majority of claims swiftly settled in 8-16 weeks